4,000 sq ft


Much bigger than it looks from the outside, our facility has three different workout rooms, an outdoor exercise yard, and locker rooms with showers. Since our founding in 2011, we've invested heavily in equipment upgrades.

In 2014 we became an Official Hammer Strength Training Center. We have Hammer Strength selectorized chest press, fly, shoulder press, leg press, leg curl and leg extension machines, plate loaded shoulder press, behind the neck pull down, and bicep curl machines. We also have olympic lifting benches (flat and decline), squat rack and half rack. We have dumbbells from 3 lbs to 100 lbs and sturdy Hammer Strength adjustable benches that get the job done right.

In our front cardio room you can get your heart rate up using modern Life Fitness equipment: 7 treadmills, 5 Bikes, 5 Ellipticals, a Row machine and a PowerMIll (stair climber).

In our group training room you can get your circuit training done around the SYNRGY360, complete with rebounder, adjustable cable weight stack, power pivot, adjustable step platform, adjustable dip bars, a heavy bag for punching, pull up bar and battle ropes. Then you can work on core strength and balance with mats and stability balls. For a greater core challenge you'll enjoy using our Hammer Strength selectorized, abdominal crunch machine and selectorized, back extension machine, as well as the adjustable, decline sit-up bench and Roman Chair.

Wait, there's more.... Strength train on the fully adjustable, Life Fitness multi-jungle, using cable cross-overs, traditional lat pull downs, or work unilaterally on the dual-pulley, lat pull down and seated row. And if you're working on deadlifts or olympic lifts, we have a lifting platform and bumper plates too.

For the purpose of member privacy and security, our door is locked at all times. 

If you're interested in touring the facility, or to sign up, please call ahead so we can schedule adequate time to take care of you. (989) 739-0464